Solar Borehole Pump

Solar power or Dc borehole pumps are fast replacing the wind mills that scattered the south African landscape. The DC driven pump is effective and low maintenance and requires little capital outlay to install.

The Solar borehole pump will pump well up to 80m deep. The flow chart shows that at 60m there will be a flow of around 300L -500L per hour during the day with standard Borehole pump. Our Grunfos range has a 2500L per hour option which does require a larger PV array but once again the pump selection is customer specific.

These solar borehole pumps are ideal for game farms or farms where it is not possible to run an Eskom supply to drive an Ac borehole pump.

Solar Pool Pump

Solar pool pumps work well in the scenario where there is no PV system installed and only the pump is to be driven by a DC system. Fish farms use these pumps as the pumps and panels can be installed away from a Municipal power connection. The Solar pool pump saves a lot of power and therefore reduces your bill.

The pumps works as the sun comes up and the amps required to move the water is met and keeps working until the sun drops in strength through the day. The pump has the same flow as a 750W pool pump and has not problems pushing through a sand filter and running a creepy crawly system.